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why coaching?

Coaching empowers you to design and make positive change and progress in your personal or professional life to be happier and more fulfilled.

It is a place to think and become more self aware, providing the headspace to explore and find your own answers so that you can work to be your best self or design and create your future life.

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I’m Vicky, a London based, Co-Active trained life design coach with over 15 years supporting small businesses in the creative industries and a professional lifespan working within education. I have a passion for wellbeing, food, fitness and in particular running, and am an advocate for mental health awareness. I have a long time interest in psychology, philosophy, wisdom, people, travel and cultures. 

But essentially I just want people to live happy fulfilled lives. 

My coaching is a beautiful collision of all these things.


Vicky's coaching style is warm and welcoming and made me comfortable from the get go with working through each exercise, even in a group setting.

Participant in Group Coaching Session - Values, Purpose and Goals at Work


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